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Vs. a Car:

Savings: There’s no gas, no insurance and no oil changes. AAA estimates that it costs $8000/year to own a car. At that rate even a high-end velomobile pays for itself in less than 18 months.
No gas = no gases. Your only carbon emissions will be from weight loss. You’ll save a ton (or two) of materials, too. With electric assist the mpge ranges from 2300 to 5500, 20-50 times the efficiency of the Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Volt.
Unless you just landed on this planet, you know that exercise is good for you. If you have just landed, you’ll look right at home in one of our full-canopy velomobiles
Save time by working out while you commute. A trip that takes 12 minutes in my car takes 20 in the velo. That’s 40 minutes round trip versus 24 minutes driving. A 40 minute workout only cost me 16 minutes! With electric assist you can arrive fresh in the morning and work out on the way home.
They are a lot of fun to ride. You’ll find yourself cruising comfortably along, wearing the “triker’s grin” as the miles fall away behind you.
Bicycles are already safer than cars based on fatalities/hour and will only get safer as cycling infrastructure improves.
Fewer cars = lower volume of traffic on the roads = fewer traffic jams. Six velos fit into one parking space so if a lot of us start riding them we’ll need fewer parking garages.
You’ll enjoy rock star parking most of the time.

Vs a Bicycle:

Speed: Most velonauts see about a 20% speed increase vs. their regular bike. The faster you go, the more advantage you get from the aerodynamics.
It’s like riding in a lawn chair and the canopy keeps out rain and UV rays.
Weather protection:
The wind protection keeps you warm in cold weather and lets you slip through a headwind more easily. The shade keeps you cool in warm weather. The canopy offers great rain and UV protection. The Flevo roof and skirt option will keep you mostly dry and saves money and weight.
Cargo space:
There’s room for several bags of groceries without the need for panniers, rack or basket.
A velonaut is much more visible to traffic than a bicyclist. In the unfortunate event of a collision the rider you’re leading with your feet, not your head. The single biggest danger to you as a cyclist is landing on your head. With three wheels you don’t fall down if you ride into a patch of ice, oil or wet leaves. If you do tip over the velo body takes damage before you do.

Why Our Velomobile?

Savings: Our velomobiles start at $3399. Other velos range from $8000-$16,000. Put another way, you can get one of ours with a canopy and the best motor on the market for the price of a foreign velomobile with no options.
The rear cargo area may be the largest in the industry. A trailer can be attached in a few minutes to haul young passengers or more cargo.
Our velos’ 38” track width makes them much more stable than other velos and reduces “tadpoling”, the tendency of the trike to wiggle in response to the forces you create when pedaling.
Full weather protection:
The full canopy will keep you warm and dry. In warmer weather the ventilation is excellent. If you prefer the Flevo roof and skirt they will keep you mostly dry, with just a little bit of your face exposed.
You can see all around and overhead with the canopy. It’s a much better view than you’ll get with other fully enclosed velos.
The 23’ turning circle (11.5’ radius) makes it one of the most agile velos on the market.
Ours are roomier than the European velos and will accommodate riders up to at least 260 lbs.
Ride with the full canopy, half canopy, no canopy, or a Flevo roof. If you remove the body you have a very stable trike.
Our estimated two month wait time is one of the shortest in the industry and we’re looking to improve upon that.
Made in the USA:
The vast majority of velomobiles in the US are European or are reproductions of European designs. We’re beginning to change that.
Tax Free:
There is no sales tax in Oregon, so the price you see is the price you pay, plus shipping of course.

How do we do it?

Our business model combines a streamlined production process, low overhead and no debt. We use small, local suppliers whenever possible.

79642 Abbott Ln Cottage Grove, OR 97424 United States

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