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Hi, I’m Taylor Wilhour, owner of Velocity Velos. I first became interested in ultra-efficient vehicles in 2000. There were very few available and the price was out of my reach so I kept reading about them thinking, “Maybe someday.” In 2008, gas hit $4/gallon for the first time. Many Americans began to look for alternatives and I decided to get serious about making someday happen for me. The velomobiles on the market at the time cost $10,000 and took 1-2 years to arrive. I couldn’t wait that long or pay that much, so I built my own. That first ride was unforgettable and I knew it was love. With the American market wide open, going into business was the natural next step. We officially opened in May 2010 and have quickly established ourselves, selling products all over the US and some in Canada. In 2011 we introduced do-it-yourself velomobile kits that will fit most tadpole trikes. I rode our prototype across the US that same year as a member of the ROAM velomobile tour, along with one of our DIY kit customers and 34 other velonauts. We are continuing to expand our business and product lines on our way to becoming America’s leading velomobile manufacturer.  Velocity Velos is dedicated to building high-quality vehicles and lowering the price barrier that deters many would-be velonauts. Velocity Velos is based in bike-friendly Cottage Grove, Oregon, home of the Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway.

79642 Abbott Ln Cottage Grove, OR 97424 United States

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