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John C.

The ride was fast and the Aerocruiser was sure footed in the horrible conditions. It slid a couple of times, but since you have three patches on the ground, there was never any worry of tipping over or crashing, as you might on a two-wheeler. Traction was very, very good.
The Velocity Velo has been a godsend during our cold snap here this spring. Normally I would be on a naked trike by now, but cold and windy weather has made the velo the ideal transport...

I tend to be on the rather large-scale end of the spectrum and there is more than enough room for me and my frame. It offers truly great visibility. It is stable, fast and FUN. Did I mention it was fun?

To say it turned a few heads is an understatement. Traffic tended to notice me quicker in it than simply on a recumbent trike. My other velomobile’s track was way too narrow. You always felt you were about to tip over if you carried too much speed into a corner. Not so with the VV. Its wide track makes the VV feel solid, safe and fun. Did I mention it was fun?

During rain and cold, the canopy of the VV is going to come in quite handy - not to mention an incredible decrease in drag. I rode the test ride during a front pushing through our state and winds had kicked up to 15-25 mph. In the VV it was as smooth as silk.
Straight line speed on a flat bike path was incredible and uphill with the motor was, as I have indicated earlier, quite exciting (did I mention this thing is FUN?).
All in all, I would say that Velocity Velomobiles has built a rather spectacular vehicle.

I wish I had known about VV before purchasing my first velomobile. While the Team was excellent in build out and a quality machine to look at and ride, it had engineering flaws and major maintenance was difficult in that everything was all but impossible to get to. Not so with the VV.

Get one today and try it out. Did I mention it was fun?


Rick L.

Today was wonderful!! Rode for several hours, 1st stop was for breakfast. An SUV with a family followed me there to take pictures. All the employees came out to see it. The manager had me ride to the drive up for more pics & was going to put it on the chain’s website.
I am extremely pleased with my Aero Coupe!

Building the Aero Coupe was all done in my little space, which was not a problem. 
This is my 8th recumbent, first trike & second enclosed one [the other was a F-40 Lightning] At 67 it is hard to determine speed, now I am just concerned with fun. This one by far is the most fun & draws the most attention. But, do not get one if you are anti-social; they draw a lot of attention. Each & every time I go out, I am photographed many times.  Sometimes it is like a parade following me, people looking & taking pictures,
Taylor, is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!  He will give you 150% service before & after!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday, I (my velo) was used in a film documentary!


Andrew M.

I am riding mine all the time.  I really am getting spoiled - now when I ride my non-faired trike I feel like a slug.
I really think that this is a cool kit and hope that you sell a ton of them.  –Andrew’s BROL build thread
Taylor at Velocity Velos did a great job of making sure that the velo shell would survive the journey(Thanks Taylor).  Now the fun of building the kit begins.
Everyone must have thought I was crazy, flying down the bike path in a pedal car/velo with a big silly grin from ear to ear. I got lots of comments (all positive) and questions. The ride was awesome! 
Its lots of fun to ride, and on the downhills it gets up to 30+ MPH very quickly!
I have been riding the velo regularly now and it is much faster than the trike alone. My cruising speed on the trike was 14-15 mph, my cruising speed in the velo (middle chain ring, flat ground) is 18-20 mph. The thing that amazes me the most is when I quit pedaling it rolls out for a long time. Before, the slowdown was instant. I do not know how I lived without a velo before.

Jim Brannon.

The velo arrived last night in great shape. What a good crate. Everything looks good.

Gary B.

Can’t wait to take this beautiful piece of rolling artwork for its maiden voyage! I hammered out 58 hilly miles in about 4 hours flat! This thing really moves!
What a relief from the Strada! Totally not crammed in at all. SSOOOO awesome. That’s reason enough for me to have bought it! It did almost too good a job of keeping me warm!
I was worried that the lack of suspension would make it a rough ride. I am very pleasantly surprised at how smooth a ride it has. It is not harsh or rough in the least.
It was a very smooth ride and I was very comfy the whole way! Its AWESOME!

Its tough to have one of these things and not ride the hell out of it! Today's ride went awesome. I did 103.8 miles in 5:56! It was hilly too! I rocked in this velo today!

Everything fit in the huge cavernous storage space behind the seat.

I can compare this velo to the last two velos I owned and put serious mileage on (Mango and Strada). I am not describing this as a novice but as a pretty experienced velomobile driver having gotten my first velo (Mango) in 2005. The Velocity Velo is an amazingly smooth and supple ride.

This machine takes road vibrations and bumps in the road extremely, extremely well. The ride quality and comfort are excellent and after a 58 mile ride I was not uncomfortable in the least.

One of the great things I noticed right away was the fact that I could fly around very sharp turns at a much higher rate of speed than on any of my other trikes or velomobiles. The wide stance of this velo keeps it glued to the ground.

I found hill climbing in this velo to be much easier than in my Mango or my Strada. Part of it has to do with the fact that this velo weighs in at a full 7 lbs lighter than my Strada (according to my scale anyway)

This velo allowed me to use the Schlumpf high speed drive paired to a Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal hub.

In my Mango and my Strada, my arms and shoulders were crammed in against the sides of the shell to the point of being uncomfortable for me after a while.  In my new velo on the other hand I have the nice wide super comfy under seat steering setup TerraTrike is well known for.  My hands rest comfortably on them and my arms and shoulders are not crammed in at all!

This is Americas answer to the velomobile in my opinion and as always, that Yankee ingenuity has come through again in style and comfort! Thanks for an awesome machine!

Bob H.

Taylor, you did a beautiful job!  My velomobile arrived in good shape. Thank you for creating this work of art. I’m having a lot of fun modifying the velomobile to suit my needs.  You did a beautiful job.  Thank you.

Harry B.

Yes indeed, you did a fine job building this one! Not only is it the coolest looking thing on the road, but the component set up is spot on and the superb craftsmanship is obvious! I am amazed at how easy it is to keep up with traffic at 30-35 around town! I haven't had the chance to get her opened all the way up yet... think I have two more gears to go!

Thank you again for all the information, top notch service :) It was 0 degrees when I rode in this morning. Later as the sun rose, it got up to 4 degrees and began to snow. Now the sun is shining and we have warmed up to 6 degrees. I think she looks good in white! :-) No one believes me when I tell them how warm I stay while pedaling. The velomobile... with studs, is surely the best choice for gasoline free, foul weather commuting!

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