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Save $985!

   Ecospeed, our motor supplier, has a kickstarter campaign to take their business to the next level, and we have a package deal with them as part of the program.  You can get a Revolution with Ecospeed motor installed for $7613, a savings of $985, and help this great company take its rightful place in the e-bike market.  This is the motor we used to cross the US in 28 days, and more recently on a 9-day, 600-mile solo trip around Oregon, loaded with camping gear.  Our motor has over 5000 miles and works like brand new.  Hurry, offer ends..  - Read More

The Speeder is coming!

   The prototype works!  Now we need to make a couple of minor adjustments to the drawings and we will be ready for production.  We're estimating 4-6 weeks to get the first batch in stock and ready to ship.  We tried it on every trike we could at the Human Power Challenge and found that it fits the TerraTrike Tour and Rambler, plus presumably any other TerraTrike models except the Tandem.  It almost fits onto most models of Catrike, so we're going to adjust the hardware to fit those next.  After that, we'll keep making modifications to fit an ever-growing..  - Read More

Left Coast Velomobile Gathering 2014

   The Left Coast Velomobile Gathering was held in Los Osos, CA on March 29 + 30.  I counted 17 velos: 6 different brands and two homebuilt coroplast velos, plus a couple of trikes, a recumbent bike and a couple of upright bikes.  On two days of leisurely rides we toured the area around gorgeous Morrow Bay, covering about 100 miles.  I believe "Mayor" Craig Johnsen has organized this wonderful event four times now.  Riding in a group of velos is at least as much fun as the solo riding we do most of the time, and the camaraderie and..  - Read More

Fall is here - already?

   The autumn colors are peaking here in the Pacific Northwest and the leaves crunch delightfully under the tires while cruising along the local rail trail.  After a very busy spring in the shop, we spent the summer streamlining our build process, working on some R+D projects, and getting ready for the fall rush.  One of the projects was a new belly pan that will reduce build time and add an inch of headroom.  The velomobiles will be a little bit sturdier as well, as the new belly pan will rest on the trike frame instead of hanging from it...  - Read More

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new website! Our models have changed and our offerings expanded, and now you can order directly from the site.  I'll be posting to this blog occasionally and will add some older content such as my journal from the ROAM cross-country velomobile tour.   I will also post information about upcoming events we will attend. In the near future, we will be at the Human Power Challenge in Portland, Oregon for Memorial Day weekend and the Oregon Country Fair July 12-14.  - Read More

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